Monday, 23 January 2012

How to design a website

How to Build a website?

To build a web site does not need to learn HTML (the language that websites are made) You can build a website without learning HTML, using publishing programs WYSIWYG web pages.
This means "What You See Is What You Get" (What You See Is What You Get) If you know how to use a word processor, for sure you will not have difficulty in learning to use a web editor of this type. In WYSIWYG editor just go plotting your website and program will automatically create HTML code for you.
Clear if you want to learn HTML, you can also modify the code directly using the same program, so you have two options. With a web editor to build your site also includes a program or functions ftp "File Transfer Protocol" (Protocol file transfer) that allows you to put your site Internet.

You can study more from website desing page

Formats images for web pages

When create images for use on a website, you take into account:

There two main formats for images on web pages


Is more suitable for images containing pictures or pictures and graphics with a color gradient.

It's better when you have a logo with flat colors, without degradation of colors.

Both compressed image formats ie deleting information redundant to reduce the file size of the image this is very important because very large files would your web page load very slow.

When compress the files in these formats using a graphics program like Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro, you the option to adjust the compression level.
However note that if you put a compression go high or get a small file which is very good, but the image quality may drop too low. Then you should experiment with different compression levels find the best combination of file size and image quality.

Save your web page

Then you've charted your web page editor, you record it with index.html name should always record the main with that name, it ensures that the page will load automatically    every time someone enters your website.
Is also important that other pages use the. html extension eg products.html, informacion.html, etc.

Some Web publishers are widely used:

Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Namo Web Editor, web page maker, Expression web and a lot of.


This is my favorite and the favorite of many other professionals, has many advanced features that make it easy to create Professional web sites, but also the most expensive, well convenience has its price.
You download the full program as a valid demonstration for 30 days.
In this regard I want to give a figure, plan everything first will your website including some design sketches  write the text that will, make the graphics you need and puts any pictures you are going to use, then download Dreamweaver, because once you use it for the first time, you 30 days to learn how to use and build your website, after               this time will stop.
Of you will not have to spend a cent to build your site web, well after thirty days may be appropriate  purchasing the program you will need it for new projects or make changes to your site.
Consider that this program is the best in its class, ideal if you do not know or not have time to learn HTML. Is the one I use to createmy websites and those of my clients.

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