Monday, 23 January 2012

Keywords Selection and uses in website

I hope that you have understand clearly what is the keyword and what is importance of keywords in your website. If you have any confusion you can read the detail of keywords again.

What are Keywords

When we say we want to exit at the top of Google, we really mean to leave at the top when searching for certain words. Those words are what people use to locate and call KeywordsOr keywords.

That is:

The Keywords are the words that define the activity of our website.

War of Words

When more than one page whose activity is defined by the same keywords as ours, we enter into direct competition for those words.

Therefore, before any action of SEO we develop a strategy, based on a study of preparation:

    * The first, developing our list of keywords or sets of keywords natural, simply define your keywords list having much visitors and low
    * The second study is to see who is our competitors, taking into account that we can hardly compete with certain
       pages. We must also investigate how the competitors are "attacking" those words. This research can be done
       manually, by web site, or using a tool that automates the job (for example, IBP / Arelis)
    *  When we are clear as it stands, we define a positioning strategy based on what our keywords, and what are the
       keywords of competition, and what opportunities we sense that we have.

Intuition does not always work, but it is important to rely on when planning a strategy. In the case of this blog, I gave up attacking the word "SEO" or "Google" because the blog is new and there are many competitors (and many of them do very well, most would say are insurmountable, at least for me) .

Finding Good Keywords

If your main keyword is "bubbling pitch," probably have less competition than is "web design". Obvious.

If we believe that competition can be small, or find a set of niches that we believe may be of interest, we can use the simple observation of the search results to get an idea where the shots go.

If there is much competition for our keywords, we need the help of some tools that automate the monitoring of results, and other tasks as analysis.
An interesting tool to find keywords, as its name suggests, Google Keyword Tool. The results provided are based on statistics obtained from your system Google sponsored listings, Google Adwords.  


At this time, and to finish by today, I think it is interesting to introduce a statistical concept about Keywords density is known. The keyword density is a number that indicates the amount of occurrences of keywords are in a web page about the total volume of words.

Keywords density should be calculated by page, and should not be increased so that it looks artificial. Is ugly, and Google does not trust out of the ordinary densities. We must find a reasonable balancing, if in our article on sensible Bumblebees word bumblebee does not appear or do so only once, Google will be without "understanding" we are talking about bees.

To calculate the keyword density I recommend using a tool for that purpose, such as this:

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