Monday, 23 January 2012

Place a website

Place a website

To improve our position, the first thing to do is For a list of keywords. Then we have to try that Google understands that our really is related to these keywords.
Comprehensive Reforms

For explanation, let's invent a bricklaying company, and the strategy will focus on the keywords "comprehensive reform." If Google understands that our talk of "comprehensive reforms" appear in search results for those keywords.
Increase keyword density

In order for Google to realize that we are talking about "comprehensive reform" we can take the following steps:

   * We will create the web-site of the company a page whose address is: Better still
      would                              that's not always possible.
    * We will put the title of that page "comprehensive reform" (the title is the text that appears in the browser bar.)
    * Will "comprehensive reform" rather large, at the top of the page, marking it as a header in your HTML code by


    * Writing a good text (say 1000 characters or more) of service presentation and explanation of projects and see that it is an appropriate density of our keywords
      by tool for  
      calculating keyword density. The text should be well structured, with headings and sub-headers.
    * We will post pictures, and HTML description of these keywords will also photos

These instructions are an oversimplification with regard to. My intention is to understand the concept.
Things that should not be

When I ask to increase the keyword density, I do not mean to destroy the page, or look like a stupid parrot. That is, the page should not be:

Comprehensive Reform "? Comprehensive service reforms, reforms, comprehensive, integrated what are our reforms, and reforms are our comprehensive! Long live the comprehensive reforms. Comprehensive reforms. Reforms. Integral.

We must remember that our indexed pages the search engines, but ultimately the people visiting. While keyword density is very high, anyone who visits our site will think we are idiots, and do not want to do any business with us. And after all, that is what it is.

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