Monday, 23 January 2012


Here are 100 tips to get Top Rank in all search engines. It is advised to act upon one step daily and achieve your goal.

1st Tip:

Decide the keywords you are going to include in your website and use some keyword suggestion tool and also check some other sites related to your site theme. It will help you determine the keywords. Write the keywords for each page. Use these keywords according to the nature of the content and use not more than 15 keywords in a page. Check the keywords density, with keyword density analyzer. Your first day should be to work only for keywords.

2nd Tip:

Set your goal and determine a keyword phrase, you want to promote for top engine ranking. Now write this phrase at least three times exactly and at least two times closely to that phrase e.g. search engine ranking tips 3 times and search engine ranking 2 times. If you are a new SEO, you should choose some keyword phrase with medium or low search volume because the high volume phrases have a lot of competition and it will take you time to get ranking.

Now use your phrase “search engine ranking tips” at least for 30% as your backlink names and three to five other supporting phrase for your chosen phrase for 70 percent of your title. When you will get 17 to 20 top ranking at any search engine, select some additional keyword title. You should keep record of your backlink titles in Google Webmaster Tools. According to google

    * First Tip: To keep your keyword phrase at the top of an engine(s), get one backlinks with your title after every 17 days.
    * Second Tip: Calculate your backlinks without a title as equivalent, in Search Engine Optimization effectiveness, to one with a

3rd Tip:

You should get 6 to 17 to quality, your site relevant backlinks placed on dissimilar website. Every week, place 5 new backlinks.

4rth Tip:

Make some free hosting pages and blogs on other website URLs. I recommend you should own at least 17 sites on different servers. Keep it mind that your sites must be updated to get top search engine raking. Web sites get search engine quality as they become older. So, it is best to own many websites and put your attention to get 5 back links per high engine hitter first. You should study the Google Analytics stats to analyze your work. If you can, then try to maintain at least 50 websites by hiring an extra web masters. You can make many of them free including blogs, spaces, forum, subdomains and groups.

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