Saturday, 4 February 2012

About Latent Semantic Indexing

Also known as Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), this technology allows Google to
analyze and quantify related keywords within the larger set of content on a web
page. Think word synonyms, different word endings, etc. Lots has been speculated
about the extent that latent semantic indexing influences ranking.
It is a complex technology, particularly in how it may be implemented. The effect of
LSI on your rankings is not well understood, but it means your page may rank better
for a related keyword, one that may not even be on the page, than your primary

Use Keywords in the Following Places

The following are places where keywords should be used on your web pages. The
first four items are more important, with Google giving weight to keywords found in
the title and link anchor text more than any of the other locations.

•   Title: <TITLE>keywords</TITLE>. Keywords should appear as first or second
    word in the title.

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