Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Importance of Google

So why a special guide just on Google? Aren’t there hundreds of search engines out
there that need to be worried about? There are many other search engines, but
Google is the most prominent, most used, and most important of them all.

Google also currently provides search results to other “partner” search engines and
directories. This means a # 1 ranking on Google will most likely land you a # 1
ranking on these partner sites as well! I say “likely” because the partner sites tend to
blend their results a little bit so the rankings across the partners may not be exact.

Specifically, a # 1 ranking on Google for a specific search term also means a # 1
ranking on AOL, Netscape, Earthlink, CompuServe, Lycos,, and
AT&T Worldnet!

With its partners included, Google alone is responsible for powering over 70% of all
search engine traffic to websites.

Clearly, Google is where you need to focus your website promotion efforts first. After
you have applied the techniques discussed, have monitored your results, and then
refined your efforts over time, you should start seeing dramatic results. The two other
major search engines of importance – Yahoo and MSN Search, look for the same
things as Google in terms of ranking sites. So if you get it right for Google, you have
also gotten it right in general for the other search engines

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