Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Submitting to The Yahoo Directory

Yahoo charges $299 a year for all business sites ($599 for adult sites), but is worth it
if you can afford it. Non-business and non-profit sites can still get listed for free.
Editors at Yahoo will review your site first, and are known to change your title and
description as they see fit. Not much you can do about it – same if you mess up and
want to change your listing.

Bear in mind your $299 is no guarantee that your site will be listed, it is merely the
fee for having your site reviewed and considered for a listing.

Getting listed on Yahoo can be a bit of a challenge as they have exacting editorial
standards. You want your site to be 100% complete before a Yahoo editor looks at it.

You must follow the review submission guidelines for Yahoo precisely. For more
information, see

Submitting to Second-Tier Directories

You also should be submit your site to second-tier directories. Here is a list of some
important secondary search directories you should submit your site to: You need to email the "Guide" of the topic first.
Click on the Guide's photo in the upper left of the page and then scroll down until you
see a "Suggest a Site" link. It can be difficult to get in but is worth it - charges $199 per year and is an excellent directory for B2B listings.

Small Business Directory -
This is Microsoft’s bCentral service for $49 per year. Gets you several listings.

Gimpsy -
GoGuides -
Joeant -
Best of the Web -
ExactSeek -
WoW Directory -

Skaffe -
Abilogic –
Anthony Parsons –
Greenstalk –
InCrawler –
Info-listings –
Seoma –
Sitesnoop –
Sublime –
World Site Index –
Yeandi –

For a larger list of both paid and free search directories to consider, see The problem with most free directories
is that they take months to list you, if they add your site at all. So I generally don’t
recommend wasting your time with the free directories.

Submitting to Local and IYP Directories

I don't care if you work out of your home office and use a 3x5 mailbox down the
block as your business address, you should get your website listed in the local and
Internet Yellow Page (IYP) directories.

The Google search results are getting more crowded with Google Local listings
appearing above the other search listings. Google Local and Yahoo Local search
results are predominately influenced by listings in Switchboard and Verizon
SuperPages so you should strive to get listings in these.

Here are the top ones to submit your site to:

Yahoo Local
To add your business listing to Yahoo Local, go to and then
click Add/Edit a Business at the bottom of the page.

Google Local
If you advertise with Yellow Pages, you should already be in Google Local. If not,
read the information at and then send an
email with the required information to

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