Saturday, 4 February 2012

How old the site is, how old individual web pages are, and how old links to a site are. In general, the older the site and the older a link is, the better. So don't wait unnecessarily before launching a new site, a new page or obtaining new links to your site

Put simply, to rank well on Google, you need to optimize your website for your best
keywords, get as many important and relevant sites to link to your site as you can,
make sure the text of those links contain your best keywords, and don't do anything
that looks "excessive", "unnatural", “manipulative” or “spammy” to Google. Keep it
looking natural and act as if the search engines didn’t exist.

Important: You should also read the Google Patent Papers. In them are additional
factors that Google may look at in determining rankings. For more information, see
Appendix C for the link.

So let’s continue by looking at the foundation of SEO in the next chapter – keyword
research, analysis, and selection.

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