Saturday, 4 February 2012

META "Description" Tag Text

Google doesn't factor in META tag text in ranking a page, but you should still strive
to fill in this META tag on your web pages:

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your best sales pitch here">

Google uses the first 160 characters or so (about 25 words) of your META
"Description" tag to populate what is displayed under your listing on a search results

If no META Description tag content is found, Google uses the description from the
DMOZ directory. If you don't have a DMOZ directory listing, it uses semi-random
snippets from your page that contains the search term queried for. This can lead to
some really awful-sounding descriptions, as rarely does anyone write anything
compelling in the META Description tag.

So take your best shot and come up with your best sales pitch in 25 words or less to
put in your META Description tag. Something that would actually compel someone to
click on YOUR listing. Descriptions that do well include a call to action ("visit us
today"), phone number ("call xxx-xxxx for more information"), geographic term if
applicable ("located in Seattle"), discounts, specials, prices, anything that will draw
the eye and make them click. Basic direct marketing 101 pitch.

Note: If you want your META Description text to be used, it must include
the exact phrase that was queried.

About Word Stemming
Google uses word stemming. Word stemming allows all forms of the word – singular,
plural, verb form as well as similar words and synonyms to be returned for a given
search query. This can work both for and against a site depending on which form of
a word a page is primarily optimized for. So if someone types in "house plans", not
only will pages that are optimized for that phrase be returned, but so will pages that
contain all variations of that phrase, for example:
house plan
house planning
house planner

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