Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Competitive Strategies

e are almost at the end now. You are probably wondering where your site sits in
your chosen keyword space and against your competitors. You might also be
wanting to figure out what your competition is doing in terms of SEO and link-
building. These sections can help out in this regard.

Low-Competitive vs. High-Competitive Sites

Your chosen keyword space directly impacts the scope and what kind of SEO
strategy you will need to implement for success. Websites that sell to a national or
global market in a competitive industry need a different SEO strategy (and overall
marketing strategy) than a site that caters to a local or regional market, or for a
product in a niche category.

For highly-competitive sites that target keyword phrases that are shorter, more
generic, and that command higher PPC bid, Google gives much more weight to off-
page link factors. For local and niche sites, on-page SEO factors like keyword
phrases used on relevant content, can be weighed as much or even more than off-
page link factors.

I have seen sites that cater to a local audience rank very well on a number of
different keyword phrases having only a handful of incoming links. Conversely, I
have seen giant, content-rich, well-optimized sites that sell nationally rank nowhere
for ANY search terms until they have a ton of incoming links.

With this said, every site needs to do both on-page optimization as well as have an
active link-building campaign. However, if you are going after short, generic or
competitive keyword phrases, I strongly suggest you do the following:

1. Start optimizing your site for as many different more-specialized permutations of
your best keyword phrases as possible and build content pages around each one.

2. Start getting very serious and persistent about your link-building campaign. Your
competitors know this and that's why they are busy getting hundreds if not thousands
of links to their site over time. Just don’t obtain your links too quickly.

To clarify the differences between a "low-competitive" and "high-competitive" sites
and to further illustrate the type and amount of resources that may be involved to
obtain satisfactory ranking results, here are representative examples. Note that these
are generalizations for comparative purposes only:

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