Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How To Rate Sites For Linking

Not all sites and the links you may obtain from them are equally important. Some
links are free, some charge a one-time listing fee while others charge monthly or
annually. Especially for the sites that charge money, here are some criteria you can
use to help make the decision whether to pursue a link:

1. Make sure the site allows you to use the exact anchor text you want for your link
so that it can contain your most important keywords.

2. Make sure the link use a simple HREF code format. Javascript-based links or links
that redirect to another page are worthless. Also, links that display funny tracking
characters in the URL are worthless. Do a View Source on the page your link will be
placed on and check for the following:

1. That no redirection is used on the link (won’t pass PageRank).
2. That Javascript isn't used to code the link (Google won't see the link).
3. That the rel=NOFOLLOW attribute is not used (Google won't follow the link).
4. That the META robots tag for the page doesn't contain “NOINDEX” (page won't be

3. Use the tool at http:/ to determine how many backlinks
(incoming links) the site has. This is an important indicator for how important Google
deems a link will be. A link from a page with many inbound links can be as important
as the PR value of that page.

4. Check the PageRank of the actual page your link will be listed on - not the
PageRank of the home page, which can be vastly different.

5. The Alexa Traffic rating of the site. This provides a rough indication of the traffic
the sites receives. Lower numbers are better. Note that the Alexa rating can be
manipulated so take this with a grain of salt. It is better than nothing however.

6. Is the linking page in the index of Google? A link from any page not indexed by
Google is worthless. Copy and paste a section of unique text from the page in the
search box of Google and see if the page appears for the search.

7. Are links displayed in the cached version of the page? If not, the page probably
uses some trick to keep search engines from seeing outgoing links.

8. Content on the page your link will be placed on as well as the anchor text of other
links on the page. Are all the links in the same general category or does the page
contain tons of links in every conceivable category and lots of spammy ads?

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