Saturday, 4 February 2012

Create Some Pages With Content

Websites with lots of pages in general rank better than sites with just a few pages, all
other things being equal. It is better to have a 50-page site with short pages than a 5-
page site with long, flowing pages. Each page should however contain a minimum of
about 200 visible words of text to maximize relevance with Google.

Also, you need pages with real content – don’t create just a lot of “fluff” pages that
are standard fare anyway – About Us page, Contact Us page, Our Mission page, etc.

Keep your web pages simple. Try to avoid gratuitous animations, junk graphics, large
imagemaps, JavaScript, or anything else that may get in the way of Google or, more
importantly, of your customers getting the message you are trying to convey.

Break up your pages using <H1> and <H2> heads, and include your keywords in
these heads. Not only will it help visitors read your pages by providing visual
separators, it will give your pages more relevance with Google.

Don’t create pages that are identical or nearly so in content. Google may consider
them to be duplicates and your or site may be penalized. Pages full of high quality,
unique, keyword-rich content are a must. Be careful if you use both HTML and PDF
versions of the same content. Google will index both.

To prevent this, create a robots.txt file and place it in the main (root) directory on
your server. A robots.txt file specifies which directories and file types to exclude from
crawling. If your PDF files are duplicates of your HTML files, put all the PDF files in a
different directory and specify that this directory by excluded from crawling. For more
information on creating a robots.txt file, see

Here are some standard pages you should consider for your site:

•   Home page
•   Your main product, service, or content pages (this is the meat of your site)
•   FAQ page(s) (Frequently Asked Questions) or Articles pages
•   Sitemap page (links to each page on your site)
•   About Us page
•   Contact Us page
•   Related Links page(s) (discussed later)
•   Link to Us page (discussed later)
•   Testimonials page
•   Copyright, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy page
•   Ordering page

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