Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Low-Competitive Site

Keyword phrase: “Redmond Reflexology Services”

On-site factors keyword contribute heavily to rankings. Often all that is needed is a
handful of links and solid SEO methods used on the site. Most competitors won't
even know what SEO is. Good rankings can be achieved with relatively little effort
within 3 months.

Medium-Competitive Site
Keyword phrase: “Seattle Plastic Surgery” or “Seattle Dentist”

An equal combination of on-site factors and off-site factors contribute to good
ranking. For such sites, 100 or so quality links are needed (this is a generalization).
About half of your competitors will know what SEO is and of those that do, a fair
percentage will be doing a good job at it. Good rankings can be achieved with
moderate efforts within 6 months to a year.

Medium-to-High-Competitive Site
Keyword Phrase: “House Plans” or “Limo Service”

On-site factors contribute little toward ranking, unless you have a large site, in which
case they count for some. Such sites need an aggressive link-building campaign and
typically have hundreds or thousands of incoming links that use effective anchor-text
strategies. Most if not all of your competitors will be using SEO tactics, some quite
aggressively and spending a fair budget on it. Good rankings can be achieved only
with steady, continual, focused efforts after 12 to 18 months, and assigning (and
paying) a dedicated SEO person for it. Most if not all will use PPC advertising like
Google AdWords to augment traffic, especially in the near-term.

Very-High-Competitive Site
Keyword Phrase: “Used Cars” or “Discount Travel” or “Home Mortgages”

Such markets are ripe with spammy, black-hat techniques and on-site factors count
for extremely little. For such sites, a very aggressive link-buying, link-building
strategy is needed, along with analyzing exactly what the competition is doing and
copying their methods. Such sites have many thousands of incoming links. Tactics
used need to be monitored and changed in case of penalties applied. All of your
competitors will be throwing lots of money on every trick in the book because so
much money is at stake. Good rankings may never be achieved unless you are
ready to spend the time and money for it, are dogged, and be willing to take risks. All
will use PPC advertising like Google AdWords to augment traffic and spend a lot of
money (like $100K or more a month) doing it.

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