Saturday, 4 February 2012

Using the example again for “house plans”, here would be the general strategy:

•   Home page: optimize for “house plans” (primary phrase) and “home plans” (best
    secondary phrase).

•   Country House Plans page: optimize for “country house plans” phrase and any
    other variations, such as “French country house plans”. Note how these phrases
    already contain the Primary Keyword phrase within them. This is the ideal
    situation to achieve.

•   French Country House Plans page: optimize for “French country house plans”

•   Contact Us page: include the phrase “house plans” several times on the page.
    This page, along with the other “fluff” pages, are not really relevant for any
    specific keyword phrase. So use your Primary Keyword Phrase here.

•   About Us page: again, include “house plans” phrase several times on the page
    for the same reason as the Contact Us page.

This example, while being quite general, nonetheless should give you an idea of how
to move forward. Now let’s look at how and where to place keywords on your web
site correctl

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