Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Managing a Link-Building Campaign

Managing a link-building campaign is a time-consuming, ongoing process that you
need to budget time and money for. Link-building is really just a form of advertising
your site and should be managed accordingly.

There are two main classes of links, one-way and reciprocal:

One-way links. These include links in search directories, ezines, blogs, news sites
and any other site that doesn’t request that you link back to that site. Google
currently values one-way links more than two-way (reciprocal) links.

Reciprocal (two-way links). These are links where a site links to you in exchange
for you linking back to that site. Reciprocal linking has been abused in the past by
everyone madly linking to each other, regardless of whether it made any sense from
a visitor or business standpoint. As such, reciprocal links are not valued as much by
Google. It still is an important method of obtaining links however when done right.

The primary, most-effective means of obtaining links to your website include the
following, in order of priority:

1. Submitting your site to search directories, both general and industry-specific.

2. Publishing articles and other content to feature in ezines, articles sites and blogs.

3. Writing online press releases for the News search engines, like Google News.

4. Reciprocal linking, where you link to a site and that site links back to you.

Reciprocal linking should come last. You need to generate some PageRank first
before most sites will consider linking with you. PR = 4 on your home page is usually
the cutoff people look for. So get some listings in the search directories first.

Tip: Don’t worry about whether you should spend more time getting a few links from
pages with high PageRank or whether to get lots of links from pages with low
PageRank. Today’s site with a low PageRank can be tomorrow’s site with a high
PageRank, and even vice versa.

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