Saturday, 4 February 2012

When Google Comes Visiting

To be listed in Google’s search database (or index), Google visits your site using
automated programs called robots or spiders. Such programs “read” each and every
page of your website, starting typically with your home page and then following each
link to all other web pages on your site. When a search engine robot or spider visits
your site, it is said to crawl or spider your site.

Important: Google will not add a new web page to its index unless there is at least
one other web page in its index that links to that page. So don’t fret over submitting
your site to Google directly. Instead, you need to get another website to link to your
website first.

Website crawls are performed by the main Google spider, called Googlebot. The
more “popular” your site, the more often it typically is crawled by Google. Highly

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