Tuesday, 7 February 2012

End-to-End SEO Checklist

Here is the simplistic and summarized process you need to undertake to achieve a
top ranking on Google. Print this page out where you can refer to it.

1. Determine the best keyword phrases for your site. Use KeywordDiscovery or
WordTracker to come up with a list of at least 100 2 to 4-word phrases for your site.

2. Create content-rich pages. It’s better to have 20 short pages than 5 long pages
on your site, all else being equal. Each page should contain at least 200 words and
discuss one topic only. Optimize for at most two keyword phrases per page.

3.   Optimize each page for it’s best keyword phrases:
•    Include keywords in the <TITLE> of each page. This is a must.
•    Include keywords in the <H1> headings for each page.
•    Include keywords in the first paragraph of each page.
•    Include keywords in the text of links. Never use “Click here”.
•    Read Appendix A - Website Do’s and Don’ts.

4. Link to each page from your sitemap page, and from each page back to
your home page. Also link between pages that discuss the same topic.

5. Submit your site to search directories. Submit your site to the Open Directory
Project (DMOZ), Yahoo Directory, GoGuides, and other general and industry-specific
directories. Stagger your submissions over time, don’t submit them all at once.

6.   Setup and maintain a link-building & exchange campaign:
•    Create a “Related Links” page on your site for exchanging links.
•    Create “Link to Us” code can be copied by your link partners.
•    Determine the best sites to exchange links with. This is important.
•    Read Appendix B - Linking Do’s and Don’ts”
•    Submit articles, write online press releases and post in blogs and forums.
•    Actively manage your link campaign. Always strive to get more links!

7.   Regularly monitor your progress and modify your efforts:
•     Monitor your site traffic often – it contains a wealth of information.
•    Check to see that all new pages are indexed in Google.
•    Check your site’s ranking on your chosen keywords once a month.
•    Regularly check your incoming links as part of your link campaign

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