Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Submitting Your Site to Directories

Submitting your site to search directories should be your step in link-building. Many
have an inexpensive one-time, lifetime listing cost. This is money well-spent and is
the best way to get PageRank to new sites quickly. Although directories provide less
traffic compared to search engines, the quality of that traffic can be better targeted as
you are listed on a specific category.

Search directories contain listings that are ordered under categories and sub-
categories. Site listings are placed into directories by people – unlike search engines,
which use automated programs to return ranked pages. Also unlike search engines,
search directories can alter the title and description of your site listing to better “fit”
into their categories as their editors deem fit.

Always submit your site manually. Do NOT use software or an online service that
submits your site to multiple search directories automatically. This is particularly
important for the larger directories, which ignore submissions from automated
programs. You want to control how and where your site is submitted.

Note: Google has blocked some websites and directories from being able to pass
PageRank. Such pages may still show PR value in the Google Toolbar however.

Submitting Your Site to the ODP

Due to it’s importance, a listing on the ODP (also known as DMOZ) is considered
quite important. The ODP provides directory listings not only to Google, but also for
the directories at AOL, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves, Netscape, AltaVista, HotBot and a
host of smaller, specialized directories.

It can take several months (if ever) to show up in the ODP as the ODP is staffed by
volunteers who are overwhelmed with work. As such, you should focus on getting
listed in the ODP as soon as possible after your site is complete.

You can increase your chances for a listing if you can find a topic or category page
that is not oversaturated already with listings. Also, consider signing up to be an
Editor for a particular topic, this is a sure-fire way to get your listing added.

An ODP editor will review your submission. If applicable, submit your website to the
ODP twice – once for the appropriate topic-related page and once for any location-
specific page if your business is regional. However, submit only once per page,
otherwise you will get shuffled to the end of the queue.

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