Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Type in allintitle:"your keyword phrase

and see how many pages are displayed in the search results. These are
pages that use the exact phrase in the <TITLE> tags of their pages - the first
important step to optimizing a site.

2. Next, type in allinanchor:"your keyword phrase "

and count the results. These are sites that have incoming links that contain these
keywords - the next important step to boosting one's ranking.

3. Next, type in allinurl:"your keyword phrase "

and count the results. These are sites that use the keywords either in their
domain name or in a file name. Although by itself not an important factor, Google
does give slight weight to keywords used in domain names and file names.

4. Now combine everything by typing:
intitle:"keyword" inanchor:"keyword" inurl:"keyword"

to see how many sites do all three things together. The resulting number is an
accurate indication of how many true competitors you have that are doing SEO for
their site for your given keyword phrase.

Using Pay-Per-Click to Augment SEO traffic

Every year it is getting harder to rank well in Google, as well as Yahoo and MSN.
This is due to the following factors:

1. More new sites are coming online all the time.

2. More sites are incorporating SEO tactics.

3. The search engines are devaluing tactics that used to work fine in the past.

4. The search engines are more aggressive at penalizing sites that use black-hat and
spammy tactics, and often unfairly penalize legitimate sites as well.

All the more reason you may need to implement a PPC strategy like Google
AdWords. A targeted Google AdWords campaign is an ideal way to supplement your
website traffic anyway, and is crucial for new sites in the Sandbox. For more
information, see my book The AdWords Edge at

After all, you are in business to make a profit. I use AdWords all the time because
the advertising much more than pays for itself and the traffic is immediate.

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