Saturday, 4 February 2012

Use “Bread Crumb” Link Navigation

Effective link navigation between your pages can provide keyword-rich internal links
and assist your visitors in determining exactly where they are on your site. A popular
technique called “bread crumbs” can be used for this. For example, if this book were
in HTML format on the Web, I could insert a series of links at the top of each page.

For this particular page, the bread crumb links would be:

Optimizing Your Website > Linking Your Pages Correctly > Best Practices For Internal Linking

Note how this can increase both content and provide keyword-rich links.

10. Use the “NOFOLLOW” Attribute Link

The rel="NOFOLLOW" attribute in a link has been used on blog and forum sites to
block the Google spider from following a link to its target page, and hence blocking
the passing of PageRank. This is in an effort to reduce link spamming.

You can use the NOFOLLOW attribute to your advantage on your site to channel
PageRank to your most important pages. Here's the syntax:

<A HREF="yourpageURL" rel="NOFOLLOW">

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