Saturday, 4 February 2012

Link from your home (or sitemap) page to every other page on your si

If your Web site is relatively small (less than 10 pages or so), your home page can
effectively function as your sitemap page. If you have a larger site, this becomes
unwieldy and you then need a separate sitemap page. Add some content to your
sitemap page - it should not consist of just links.

A sitemap page functions as an “index” to your site and is invaluable for the following

   •   Helps Google find and crawl other pages on your site quickly
   •   Helps your customers find what they need quickly
   •   Helps distribute your site’s PageRank to other important pages

Tip: Because your home page likely has the highest PageRank in your site, you
should NOT put any outgoing links on this page. Ideally, the only page you should
have outgoing links on is your Related Links page. This will minimize the small
amount of PageRank “leakage” from that page. This concept will be discussed later.

4. Link from every “non-relevant” page back to your home page ONLY.

Non-relevant pages are defined here as those pages that are not keyword-rich and
do not likely contain the information that a visitor to your site is looking for while
searching on Google. You do not want these pages to receive as much PageRank
as your more important pages. Examples of non-relevant pages that should ONLY
link back to the Home page include the following:

   •   “Copyright” page
   •   “Privacy Policy” Page
   •   “Disclaimers” Page
   •   “About Us” page
   •   “Contact Us” page
   •   Order form, shopping cart pages
   •   “Link to Us” page
   •   “Testimonials” page

This helps return and concentrate PageRank back to your Home page. Remember,
you want to maximize PageRank for your most important pages.

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