Saturday, 4 February 2012

Structuring your Site Correctly

his chapter discusses the general structure of a website – folder structure, file
names, domain names and pages, and how content should be crafted on pages.

Structure by Theme and Topic

The general subject or category of your website dictates it’s theme. Loosely stated,
the theme of your website is generally your Primary Keyword Phrase.

Ideally, your site is only about one major subject or category. If you have more than
one major subject for your site, say, for example, you sell baby diapers AND garage
door openers, you should strongly consider creating multiple sites, one per subject.

The main idea is to separate content onto different pages by topic (keyword phrase)
within your site. Suppose that a site sells house plans online and that is the theme of
the site (it’s Primary Keyword Phrase). This site also sells country house plans,
garage plans, and duplex plans, and let’s say for this example that each page of the
site mentions all three plan types.

However, what is each page's specific topic? The different plan types have been
mentioned on multiple pages, so each page contains the keywords country house
plans, garage plans, and duplex plans. None of the three plan types would be
strongly relevant on any of these pages for Google.

The correct way to structure this site is to have one page that discusses only country
house plans, another page that discusses only garage plans, and a third page that
discusses only duplex plans. Each page is now strongly relevant for one keyword
phrase. No “dilution” occurs in any of the pages, and each page should subsequently
fair better in the rankings for its particular keyword phrase. This is important.

Next, you would add links on each page so that garage plan pages link only to other
garage plan pages, duplex plan pages link only to duplex plan pages, and so forth.
By using the applicable keyword phrase in the link text (the clickable part of the link),
you can also help strengthen the importance of each page. We’ll discuss in greater
detail later how to link pages correctly between pages.

To properly structure a site that offers different products, services, or content
categories, you should split the content onto different pages. You ideally want a
single topic, or keyword phrase, applied per page.

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