Saturday, 4 February 2012

Keyword Research & Analysis

This is where your most important efforts begin. Do not skip the tasks in this
chapter as they form the foundation of your entire effort. It is critical that you
research and determine the most important and relevant keywords for your website.

Time spent upfront in this endeavor will reap great rewards later. If you fail to
complete this important step, your chance for a top ranking is greatly diminished.

So What Are Keywords?

In the context of the Web, a keyword is a term that a person enters into a search
engine to find specific information. Most people enter search phrases that consist of
between two and five words. Such phrases may be called search phrases, keyword
phrases, query phrases, or just keywords, but they all mean the same thing.

Your most important keywords are those best and most relevant search phrases
you want your website to be found for on a search results page in Google. Good
keyword phrases are specific and descriptive. It is better to have 100 highly-qualified
visitors who find your site listed in Google under a particular search phrase than to
have 1,000 visitors who find your site listed under a generic search phrase and then
aren’t that interested in what you offer once they get to your site.

Important: Your ultimate objective shouldn’t be just to get lots of traffic to your site
from high rankings (although this is important), but instead should be to get a high
sales conversion. Having a #1 listing in Google means nothing unless you can
convert visitors to your website into satisfied customers or have them at least take a
next desired action like filling out a form.

The more targeted and specific your chosen keywords are, the greater the chance
that visitors to your site will find what they are looking for. You want a high “click-to-
sales” or high “visitors-to-customers” ratio. As such, you need to start thinking like
your customers. Determine what it is that they need, what problems they have, and
what solutions you can offer to help them

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