Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Link Analysis and Management Tools

Although you can manage a linking campaign by hand, there are two software
programs that can make your job MUCH easier – SEO Elite and Arelis. SEO Elite
allows you to see the actual linking structure of any website (such as your
competitors), including seeing what the link text is on sites, which sites are
authorities, PageRank and Alexa ranking, all in one interface. It also helps you track
and manage who you linked to, if they linked back to you, and so forth. It is a
comprehensive link research, analysis and tracking tool. Arelis on the other hand is
primarily used to track and manage reciprocal linking partners.

About SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a powerful tool that allows you to reverse-engineer the linking structure
of any website – including your competition. Some of the more important features
that SEO Elite has that make it a must-have tool include:

•   Shows you the incoming and outgoing links for each page on a site.

•   Tells you what the link text is for each incoming link as well as the page title of
    the linking page.

•   Tells you the Google PageRank for each page.

•   Shows you the Alexa rating for the site

•   Allows you to look up the domain record for a site for the email address.

All results can be sorted, so that you can tell at a glance which sites are authorities –
that is, which have the most links that point to them. You can also tell at a glance
what your link text is for all sites that link to you.

In a nutshell, SEO Elite allows you to quickly determine which sites you should
target. If a site links to your competitor’s site, they will likely link to your site as well. It
also shows you the internal linking structure of a site. Best of all, you can save and
export your results to a spreadsheet.

I prefer SEO Elite over Arelis because it does almost everything that Arelis does plus
has all the functionality of another tool called OptiLink that I used to use, all in one
convenient interface.

I highly recommend SEO Elite. For more info, go to
Download the trial version, read the online manual, and try it out.

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