Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Writing Online Press Releases

Journalists today are overwhelmed by the deluge of new information arriving via fax,
email, mail and by phone. Savvy journalists in the interest of time are using the News
search engines, such as Google News, Yahoo News and to find new press
release material. Google News alone is read by more people each month than print
or online newspaper.

Optimize your online press release page in the same manner you would optimize we
page on your website. Make sure your most important keywords are listed in the title,
and make sure you have a keyword-relevant link in the Resources section of the
press release. Most people are not optimizing their online press releases – yet.

The best services for distributing your online press release are as follows. Each has
a free distribution and a paid expanded distribution network:

PRWeb -

PRLeap -

Press World -

Donating to Non-Profits & Charities

There are non-profit and charity organizations that will gladly add a link to your site if
you donate to their cause. Either you can do volunteer work, help them update their
website, write an article for them, or simply write a check. Not only are you doing a
good thing for society, but your business is benefiting as well.

For a site that with a great list of non-profit organizations, see GuideStar at

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