Saturday, 4 February 2012

Keywords in link text should match keywords found on the page that the link points to – especially in the title of the page

Here is an example of the ideal link structure for Google. Of primary importance is
the use of keywords in link anchor text (text between the <A HREF> </A> tags). Note
also the use of keywords in the actual name of the graphics file.

Text-Based (Ideal) Link Structure:

<A HREF=”your-keywords.html”>your keywords</A>

If you must use graphics-based links on your web pages, be sure and fill in the ALT
text attribute of the image tag as follows:

Graphics Link Structure:

<A HREF=”your-keywords.html”>
<IMG SRC=”your-keywords.gif” ALT=”your keywords” BORDER=”0”></A>

What Google Ignores

Google ignores the following elements on your web pages. Due to their abuse and
misuse, META tags are a thing of the past with Google!

•   Information in the <META name= “Keywords”> tag

•   Information in all other META tags (see META “Description” tag caveat)

•   Information within the <!—Comments --> tag

•   Information within the <STYLE>

•   Information within <SCRIPT> tags (JavaScript and other client-side code)

•   Duplicate links to the same page (only counted once)

•   Links that point to the same page they are on

•   Any graphics or multimedia (menu buttons, photos, animations, Flash)

•   Stop words (“a”, “the”, “is”, etc), single letters and numbers, punctuation.

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