Saturday, 4 February 2012

Increasing PageRank

Each page of your website has a PR value, and as such you can simply add up the
individual PR values of each page to arrive at the total PR that your site has (bear in
mind however that when someone speaks of PR, it applies to a page). How you
structure your internal links can influence what the PR value of a page will be, as will
links pointing to a page on your site. Although page PR value is important, you
should really be trying to increase your total site PR value.

The actual PR value of each page indexed by Google is in constant flux. On the Web
new pages are added, old pages are removed, more links are created – all of which
over time slowly degrade the “value” of your links.

As the number of web pages in the Google index increases, so does the total
PageRank value of the entire Web, and so does the high end of the overall scale
used. This is kind of like the top student setting the “curve” for an exam. The top-
ranking site (or handful of sites in actuality) gets the maximum, perfect PageRank
score of 10 in the Google Toolbar) and everyone else is scaled down accordingly. As
a result, some web pages may drop in PageRank value for no apparent reason. If a
page's actual PR value was just above a division on the scale, the addition of new
pages to the Web may cause the dividing line to move up the scale slightly and the
page would end up just below the new division.

As such, you should always strive to obtain more links that point to your site,
otherwise your site can naturally start slipping in rankings due to this “raising of the
bar” of PageRank across the Web.

Decreasing PageRank

The amount of PageRank value a link forward on to your site is diluted by the
presence of other links on the same page. This is where link strength comes into

The greater the number of other links on a page, the weaker the strength of each
individual link. The strength of that “vote” is divided equally among all other links on
the page.

Which means, all other things being equal, if someone has a link to your site on their
page with 100 other links, you may not get any appreciable value from that link in the
overall calculation, unless the page has a very high PageRank.

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